Crack the Code!

A young member of the Spanish Royal Family has been posted as an attach´e (a very junior ambassador) at the embassy to France in Paris. At a party, he embarrassed himself when it became known that he did not recognize the name of the famous author Cervantes, nor the name of his most famous work. (Hint: that book is really really famous.) The royal reprimand, sent personally by King Juan Carlos in his personal cipher, has been intercepted. A portion of that encrypted reprimand is printed below

Your challenge is to decrypt this message!

A :
B :
C :
D :
E :
F :
G :
H :
I :
J :
K :
L :
M :
N :
O :
P :
Q :
R :
S :
T :
U :
V :
W :
X :
Y :
Z :

Frequency of cipher


Frequency of Spanish (Ñ = 0.17%)

A joint project of Prof. Seth Dutter and Prof. Gregory Bard of the University of Wisconsin---Stout, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. (October 31, 2013)