Crack the Code!

The Consul of Mexico in Calgary is overjoyed that he has been reposted to Vancouver Consulate. With dreams of better weather, he is eager to learn about his new city and its location, economy, circumstances, and other details. He has requested information from Mexico City, which has been intercepted. It is probable that the word "Vancouver" appears in the first sentence.

Good luck!

A :
B :
C :
D :
E :
F :
G :
H :
I :
J :
K :
L :
M :
N :
O :
P :
Q :
R :
S :
T :
U :
V :
W :
X :
Y :
Z :

Frequency of cipher


Frequency of Spanish (Ñ = 0.17%)

A joint project of Prof. Seth Dutter and Prof. Gregory Bard of the University of Wisconsin---Stout, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. (October 31, 2013)