Gregory V. Bard

Tenured Full Professor of Mathematics
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After 29 semesters of teaching mathematics and computer science at the university level, I decided that it was time to try something new. Therefore, I resigned my position as a tenured full professor of mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, to give me more time to focus on being a textbook author, as well as to study Data Science and Data Analytics at the Harvard University Extension School, (which is the online program at Harvard for mid-career professionals).

Before I continue, permit me to share that I have completed (after years of work), the 2nd edition of Sage for Undergraduates, published by the American Mathematical Society. This 487-page book contains over 150 pages of new material.

Making a major career change is intimidating but exciting. My objective is to harness the power of all the applied mathematics and computer engineering that I have learned, and to acquire knowledge in the newly discovered techniques of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with the goal of acquiring a position as a researcher.

I hope to help research teams working in the areas of medicine, pharmacology, epidemiology and psychiatry advance their scientific investigations using both the newly discovered techniques in data science, as well as the classical techniques of biostatistics.

This website will continue to be a place where all my research articles can be downloaded, and where curious readers can explore my electronic textbooks-in-progress. If you like, you may contact me at my LinkedIn profile or by emailing me at the following address, which a human will have no trouble understanding:

gregory dot bard at ieee dot org

Last updated August 30th, 2022.